It may surprise you how many messages are contained within the few simple lines that form our logo. Read on to find out all of the messages we have intended to communicate.

Each figure is composed of the letter "i,"  which stands for Irving; the three "i"s together represent the community of Irving, the community in which we are located and which we serve.

Each figure "i" together with the arms forms a cross, which represents the sacrifice of Jesus for our salvation and the personal cross he asks us to bear as we strive to become like him.

The figures are joined, arm in arm, representing acceptance and an eagerness to support and encourage one another. Together, the “cross people” depict the church family.

Each figure is a bright, vibrant color, depicting the energy, enthusiasm, and joy we receive from being led by the Spirit and living a life of service.

The three colors of the logo further accentuate the message of salvation. The orange of the middle cross represents Jesus Christ as the light of the world and message of hope. The blue of the left-hand cross represents baptism, the divine ordinance representing spiritual cleansing. The red of the right-hand cross represents the blood of Jesus, paying the price for our salvation.