Celebrate Jesus Schedule

Celebrate Jesus 2017
Living with Jesus Today!

Worship and Teaching Schedule:

Friday, December 29th, 7:00pm
     Knowing the Father through Jesus – Greg DeGough

     Living in the Presence and Power of Jesus - Terry Baze


Saturday, December 30th, 6:00pm

      Living in the Joy of Jesus – Josh Smith

      Living Loved by Jesus – Michael Pricer


Sunday, December 31st

   10:15 am - Living in Unity through Jesus – Ryan Connor

     6:00 pm - Overcoming the World with Jesus - Luke Post

                     Overcoming the World with Jesus - Shivraj Mahendra


     11:00pm - Special Midnight Service


Workshop Information:

Saturday, December 30th

    10:00 am - Morning praise and worship kickoff

    10:30 am - Workshop: Living with Jesus Today  – Ryan Connor


Schedule of Activites:

Friday, December 29th

       7:30  Refreshments

       9:00  Play by Charles McConnell and cast in the main auditorium


Saturday, December 30th, 12:00pm

     12:00  Lunch in the Activity Center

       7:30  Refreshments, followed by fellowship/games


Sunday, December 31st

     12:00  Lunch in the Activity Center

       7:30  Catered dinner in the Activity Center

       9:00  Talent Show in the main auditorium